Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Place of Employment Locaters - Learn How to Do it Right

Infrequently, private investigators will be asked by a client if they can discover where an individual is employed, and this type of investigation is known as a current employment locate or POE. There are a variety of reasons as to why a person might want-or need-to discover someone else's place of employment, but before an investigator takes the job they should make sure that the request is being made for legitimate reasons so that he or she isn't accidentally assisting a stalker from obtaining the information that is sought.

A few possible, permissible reasons to do a POE investigation:

1. Collection of a judgment
2. Child support enforcement
3. Vehicle repossession
4. Servicing of legal papers
5. Recovering a fugitive

There are other possible reasons, of course, but hopefully this short list will offer a bit of guidance as to what a private investigator is able to work with.

Someone who has been in the business of private investigation long enough will probably make surveillance his or her first option; for example, your private investigator will attempt following the subject to work in the morning - from a distance, of course. This is a simple strategy but a costly one for the PI as well as the client. Surveillance may start as early as, say, 5:00 AM - but it is later discovered that the subject had already left because they happen to work nights. The subject could also be on vacation, or sick, etc.

Another common strategy taken up by many PIs is known as 'curbside investigation,' which entails driving by on garbage day, stealing a trash bag or two, and then replacing the taken bags with trash bags of the same color. (Most cities and states allow garbage to be taken as it is being rejected by the owner and is thus no longer the owner's property!)

The 'pretext trick' is another clever manner in which a private investigator can discover the place of employment of a subject, though it is advisable to use this only as a last resort as it can lead to the investigator getting burned and thus blowing the entire investigation.

Other investigation strategies include database services (available only to licensed PIs), and of course, contacting sources. Every private investigator will have many sources to call upon at his or her disposal - people who will offer 'tips,' usually through bribing.

As you can imagine, all of these tactics require a certain amount of 'set up,' which is why a good number of private investigators will outsource many tasks to other PIs who are experts in database work or other types of infiltration. That way the leading private investigator can act as a sort of 'boss' while having another PI do the dirty work of rustling through someone else's garbage.

Ed Opperman is president of Opperman Investigations Inc.

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