Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Background Check Records

Do you know what type of information is contained in background checks? Records of ones birth, death, marriage, divorce, motor vehicle record, bankruptcies, real estate property transfers, property tax records, sex offenses, criminal and civil litigation, judgments, liens, education records, and employment records are just some of the information that you may find in background checks.

Records like these are, for the most part, available through the public records maintained by the court system and county recorders offices across the country.

Contrary to popular belief, none of this information is private and is therefore not subject to any privacy laws. Anybody is free to search this information through the public government system. A background check is nothing but a compilation of information that is already available to the general public.

The only exceptions might be credit reports, financial records, and medical records. These three pieces of information are subject to privacy laws and thus are not always readily available to anyone in the general public, unless you are specifically authorized to access this information by the person whose background checks, records, and other relevant information are being requested.

So you don't need to be a government official, a landlord, an employer, a law enforcement agency, or a private detective in order to conduct a background check. Anybody can conduct background checks, records of which are openly available to the general public at large, anytime they wish, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, right on line, via the Internet.

Do you know who you're dealing with? Don't make the mistake of hiring or leasing to someone without conducting a thorough background check.

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