Thursday, January 21, 2010

Unsafe Harleys

Are you riding a Defective Harley Davidson or a Defective Screamin' Eagle Motorcycle?

The alleged defects in Harley Davidson bikes including their Screamin' Eagle models, too.

Consumers have experienced issues with their defective Harley Davidson motorbikes that include :

Rear cylinder head gasket defect leading to engine failure, burning engine oil, engine stalls and overheats. Models influenced 2007 to 2008 FLHRSE3, FLHTCUSE2, FXDSE, FXSTSSE, FLHRSE4, FLHTCUSE3, FXDSE2 and FXSTSSE2.

Defective front brake and fender not adequately retained and may become dislodged while driving. Models affected 2008 FXSTSSE2, 2009 FXSTSSE3 and 2008 to 2009 FLSTSB.

Defective braided clutch cable contact with rear brake line leading to loss of fluid and brake failure. Models affected 1984 to 1999 FXR, 1991 to 1998 FXD and 1984 to 1999 FXST.

Defective blade rear wheel cracks from factory heat treatment process that could result in wheel failure. Models influenced 2009 FLTRSE3.

Electric fire due to defective positive battery wire contact with oil tank. Models affected all 2007 FatBoy motorcycles FLSTF.

This alleged defect appears to affect over 11,000 models and Harley Davidson and Screamin' Eagle motorbikes.

Product liability cases involve scenarios in which an individual or property is wounded or damaged because of a perilous or defective product. In a product guilt case, people who might be responsible parties include but aren't restricted to : the designer, engineer, manufacturer, seller, or provider of a product. Product liability cases are typically complicated and require an in depth analysis of the facts and law applicable to a claim to figure out responsibility for any injury or damage caused by such product.

Harley Davidson has recalled their defective bikes because of the chance of a gas leak during a front-end collision. One or two defective touring bikes like CVO Touring and Trike bikes are affected by the product recall.

The national road Traffic Safety Administration has said that these motorbikes have front fuel tank mounts which may twist after a front-end crash, which may cause a fuel leak and an ensuing fire.

Defective Harley Davidson motorbikes are being related to what many are calling a major design issue. It's being referred to as the Harley wobble and appears to have even the loyalist Harley riders concerned. The bike will start to oscillate forwards and backwards and it'll literally store energy like a spring. So, with each oscillation forwards and backwards, it is getting worse and it is a terribly short period of time before someone can be thrown off the motorcycle.

This can happen even to a professional rider and happens very swiftly. Everything goes from perfectly normal to very abnormal in the blinking of an eye. It is a sensation for which the rider is not very likely to have any experience, it's a feeling that does not make sense to the rider and could cause heavy injuries to the driver and passenger.
Justin Hanson

The national consumer law firm of Gilman and Pastor is currently investigating consumer complaints regarding Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Screamin' Eagle models.
Screamin' Eagle motorcycles are a line of high-end Harley Davidson motorcycles, which typically cost upwards of $30,000.


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