Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two Tips on How to Beat a Speeding Ticket So You Don't Get Slapped With a Heavy Fine

There is nothing worse than being pulled over and given a ticket. There is probably a good chance that you've been pulled over once and discovered how expensive speeding tickets can be. What many people don't know is that there are several ways that you can actually beat a speeding ticket and they are all completely legal. Guilty or innocent? It doesn't matter as these tricks are completely legal and can be used by anyone regardless of your speeding ticket situation. These tips will make it possible for you to completely avoid getting a ticket or even beating the ticket so you don't have to pay any hefty speeding fines.

If you have ever been pulled over before you will know that the first question a police officer usually asks is do you know why you've been stopped? This is their way of getting you to admit that you were speeding. Doing this will result in the police officer being able to write you a ticket that will be near impossible to fight if you decide to go to court. The best thing to do? Tell the officer you have no idea why you were stopped. Let him or her do all the talking. Just comply and answer their questions as best you can but avoid making any admission to guilt or acknowledging you broke the law. You may lucky and just get left off with a warning if you don't confess to speeding.

If you are unlucky enough to actually be issued a ticket, never pay a speeding ticket by mail. Why is this? If you take the ticket to court and the police officer is unable to turn up, then the charge and fine will be dropped against you. Police officers are busy and you may find that they have other pressing and more important things to deal with than a simple speeding fine. If you pay any speeding fines through the mail, you have no way of possibly beating it in court since you have already paid it. Never pay a ticket through the mail if you want to fight it. Instead take it to court and if you are lucky the issuing officer won't be present and the charges will be dropped.

Using the tips above you will be able to fight any speeding ticket regardless of which state you live in. The biggest way police officers make their job easy is by simply asking motorists if they know why were pulled over. It might be hard to believe but most people will openly admit that they were speeding and this just seals the nail in their coffin and they are promptly issued with a ticket. How can you possibly beat a ticket if you confessed to breaking the law? The next thing you can try is to NEVER pay a ticket via the mail. Doing this makes it impossible for you to fight it. Take your chances and go to court. These tips are very useful especially if you are innocent and did not break the law by speeding.

by Creztor Tessel

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