Monday, January 18, 2010

Debt Consolidation By Means Of Remortgages And Secured Loans

From time to time people really do have to sit down and have a good think about their financial outgoings, and what they can do to simplify them before debts get out of hand.

The main trouble with debt is having too many separate units of debts scattered all over the place making finances difficult to control and manage.It can even become a problem remembering when all the various repayments have to be made every month.

You can become quite confused and muddled about when all your debts must be paid.

In the hectic pace of every day life it can become quite a chore having to fill out cheques for lots of debts and in addition cheques have bank charges attached to them .

Even if the debts are paid through the bank by BACS, charges are made and you also have to make sure that there is enough money in the bank to meet the monthly repayments.

When there is an oversight and payments are made late, charges can be imposed and a person's credit file can be adversely affected.

It is good idea to make financial life easier. and the way to do this is by consolidating them into one payment every, arranging one lump of debt instead of many different separate items of debt.

Even if the monthly payment for the one piece of debt was the same as for the different units of debt, it makes sense to consolidate them, but the fact is that debt consolidation not only combines all the loans etc. combining everything into one and costing less s well.

Unfortunately for tenants who are in debt and finding that their debts have become a problem for which they must find debt solution, the only way is to obtain debt advice from a qualified adviser who may well advise that the only debt solution open is debt management.

A homeowner however has the option of arranging either a secured loan or remortgage both of which perform the same task of debt consolidation by rolling all the debt into one much lower monthly repayment.

Interest rates for secured loans start at around the 9% mark and remortgages are from 1.98% which makes it as clear as daylight just how much can be saved by taking out a secured loan or a remortgage to arrange debt consolidation, as the remortgage and secured loan rates are a fraction of that charged for credit cards, home improvement loans and most personal loans.

Sometimes a secured loan can be preferble to a remortgage such as during the tie in period with an existing mortgage which would mean that an early repayment penalty would be levied.

Debt consolidation by means of secured loans and remortgages affords a great saving monthly.
Steven Magill

Champion Finance has been estblished since 1985. This makes them one of the longest established, if not THE longest , established secured loan and homeowner loan broker in the UK. They also offer debt solutions such as debt consolidation, debt management, etc. to help those with debt problems to become debt free. Whole of the market mortgages and remortgages are also available.


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