Sunday, January 17, 2010

Real Estate Litigation Lawsuit

Based in California, Los Angeles, Wagenseller Law Firm is a pioneering real estate law firm that offers business legal counsel. It has legally represented parties in real estates litigations and successful defenses in a plethora of commercial lawsuits. Wagenseller Law Firm represents the legal interests of real estate developers, proprietors, investors, brokers/agents and tenants in diverse legal suits and proceedings.
Wagenseller Law Firm specializes in legal cases like breach of contract (breach of lease/ guarantee), quiet title actions and partnership dissolutions.
Wagenseller Law Firm has extensive records for Real estate litigations, with cases that highlight its success. Among successful cases, they have defended a real estate developer in a case of breach of partnership worth $1.8 million. Their legal attorneys have legally represented a joint commercial and residential building proprietor in litigation, where the client wasn’t required to pay any settlement. Wagenseller Law Firm has efficiently represented a renowned restaurant group, acquitting them of an unlawful detained lawsuit and securing compromised outstanding debts approximately worth $ 300,000.

Wagenseller Law Firm employs experienced commercial leasing attorneys to oversee the diverse aspects of proprietor/tenant transactions. Wagenseller Law Firm’s commercial leasing lawyers help in effective lease negotiations and also help supervise the client’s legal proceedings. From the nascent stages like initiation and preparation of a legal proceeding or a defense, the attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm offer comprehensive legal and procedural advice to the client.
These attorneys and legal counsels effectively negotiate and draft the best terms and deals on commercial establishments and industrial leases. They also work to facilitate insertion of legal amendments in existing leases, assessment of legal properties and contest/pursue litigations regarding breach of leases. These legal counsels also extend their services to landlords or tenants for evaluation of new legal transactions and agreements.
Wagenseller Law Firm offers legal services of real estate litigation attorneys and lawyers throughout the region of Los Angeles and Southern California. These attorneys take up cases and legal proceedings for Real estate and Business Litigations, Laws for business, commercial activities and Real Estate, Commercial leases and for partnership and Shareholder litigation proceedings.

Wagenseller Law Firm ensures aggressive legal prosecution/ defense even during particularly complicated cases of breaches of contracts/lease, ownership disputes and partnership disagreements. Wagenseller Law Firm also has a sterling record of successful prosecutions/defense in cases for quiet titles, neighbor disagreements, boundary disputes and litigations for real estate frauds. Attorneys Laine T.Wagenseller, Michelle K.Straussburg and Susan Barilich form the core legal faculty of the Wagenseller Law Firm. With valuable legal experience, these attorneys help clients from wide sectors both in Real estate and Buisness.
Wagenseller Law Firm can help the customer identify the exact nature of a possible litigation, or an ongoing prosecution/ defense. Wagenseller Law Firm offers the services of an experienced real estate fraud lawyer and real estate fraud attorney to every customer, facilitating better defense or more active, informed prosecution. The lawyers at Wagenseller Law firm also strive to procure more than expected benefits and advantages by way of punitive damages.
Laine T Wagenseller

Laine T. Wagenseller founder of Wagenseller Law Firm Well Known Business and Real Estate Law Firm Los Angeles, Our real estate litigation attorney handles every type of Real Estate litigation and helps you to fight for your interests in court.
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