Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Truth About Fair Labor Practices

Many individuals do not know everything they should know about fair labor practices and work in a place where labor laws are violated everyday. Knowing the truth about fair labor practices will ensure that you are receiving the right compensation for the work that you do as well as the right treatment from those above you in your work place. There are a number of ways in which employers will attempt to get around fair labor practices and employees should know that it is in no way right for an employer to do this. If you don't already know what your rights are in the workplace you should do some research fast so that you can start being treated fairly at your job.

One common violation in the work place has to do with overtime hours and the amount of pay that you are supposed to receive if you work overtime. Almost all employers are required to pay time and a half for all hours worked above the 40 hour work week. Some of the ways in which employers will try to get around this are by making employees work overtime hours off the clock or by calling such overtime mandatory and refusing to pay the proper compensation for working such additional hours. If you are working more than 40 hours a week and not receiving time and a half pay for it you should talk to your employer or somebody outside of the job immediately. Chances are you work hard for your employer and they should show their appreciation by paying you the way that they are supposed to.

Another common violation occurs often in restaurants. Employers paying servers or waiters have the option of paying such employees a lower minimum wage due to the absent amount being replaced by tip money. The problem with this is that some employers don't allow serving employees to keep all of their tip money. Some employers require servers to split tip money with other employees such as bar tenders, bus boys, or dish washers and in other cases employers will make serving employees work for only tip money. Both of these situations are in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and should immediately be reported. It is unlawful for an employer to take advantage of their employees in order better their own personal situation. Employees should not stand for this. If you are in this situation you should contact your local labor board and alert them to your employers actions.

Finally, another common violation is not giving employees proper breaks. Many businesses or establishments are required to give their workers half hour breaks if they work 8 hours or more and 5 - 20 minutes breaks for those that work less than 8 hours. In some cases employers are even required to pay for certain breaks. You should find out what the guidelines are for your particular job so that you can be sure you're being treated fairly. No employee deserves to work in conditions any less than fair so if you are do something about it right away.

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