Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Mediation of Elderly Care, Trusts, Wills and Probate Issues

The number of court cases related to issues of elderly care and probate is on the rise due to the fact that the baby boomers are growing older and life expectancy increases with each generation.

Conflicts related to the care of the elderly and probate and disputes about wills and inheritance create endless stress among family members and end up in courts, costing enormous amounts of money and transforms brothers and sisters into enemies. This type of conflict is common and its effect is devastating for families that had never before faced such differences, and the resentment that is created can affect even future generations.
The mediation of these matters creates the opportunity to find solutions to these problems in a creative manner and the possibility of solving them once and for all, without the need to spend the family funds in attorney's fees and bitter litigation.

Some of the advantages of using mediation to find solutions in probate and trust cases are:

The process is confidential with some legal exceptions

The cost is much less

The process is much quicker

The solutions are more creative

The degree of satisfaction is much greater

In elder mediation cases involving elderly care, inheritance or trusts, just as in any other type of family dispute, there are many emotions involved. Litigation is very expensive and can take years during which previous family issues are intensified. The dynamics among family members turn sour. Yet, a good mediator can help keep everyone focused on the future and prevent previous grievances from determining the outcome of the issues at hand. The mediator can create a plan for communication and future interaction among family members.

In some cases, the pressure and conflict related to the care of the elderly members of the family can escalate to the point of involving the person concerned. Disputes about, who is doing their share and who isn't, and whether they are doing it well or not end up involving how the money of the elderly person is being spent. In the end, the senior's health and security may be jeopardized.

Mediation offers positive alternatives. Speaking privately, in a friendly environment, with the guidance of a professional who is trained to facilitate the discussion, the participants can arrive at conclusions that are acceptable to all involved. The elderly may even be involved in the discussion so that their dignity is respected and they feel that they still have some degree of independence.

The mediation of elderly issues can involve a group of people and become charged with all kinds of emotions. Much patience is needed, as well as compassion and a good degree of sensitivity. These discussions must be led by someone who is trained and skilled at dealing with these kinds of challenges. These are the reasons why elder mediation offers a better chance of resolving these matters without affecting family relations permanently and without hurting the elderly person's feelings. Elder mediation offers a healthier way of dealing with these matters which may result in strengthening family ties and bringing joy to the old.

If you live in the Tampa area or surrounding counties, you can resolve your differences without litigation, save time, money and emotional energy. As an independent family mediator with a background in both law and psychology, my focus is on helping parties arrive at agreements that will bring them closure, and will allow them to heal; plans that can become permanent arrangements; settlements that allow the clients to walk away satisfied and without feelings of guilt, without feeling abused, and ready to move on. This mediation service operates as a non-profit organization and the fees are based on a sliding fee scale that results in the most affordable mediation services available in Tampa and its surrounding areas. You can avoid the significant emotional and financial risks that high conflict disputes over family issues pose on all members of the family by using mediation. Use mediation to express your true needs and find creative solutions. Dr. Liliana Vazquez, JD http://tampafamilymediation.com/html/tampa_family_mediation.html

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