Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Top 3 Ways to Secure Your Ebook From Information Theft

Internet Marketers love selling eBooks because eBooks require one time effort, but you continue to earn money for years to come. I have noticed that fresh marketers, who just enter the world of internet marketing and want to earn money online, also tend to sell eBooks on the World Wide Web. The reason being, once you write your eBook, set up your website, link it to your payment gateway, you are all set to make money online. However, with such ease also comes a risk and it is commonly known as information theft.

It's very easy to steal someone's information if they fail to protect it. Con-artists buy information products, copy the information and then either distribute it online for free or sell it as their own product. This is why a lot of people hesitate to sell eBooks online, because they don't want to see their hard work being used by thieves for profit.

But, there is nothing to worry about as there are ways to protect your eBook from getting stolen. Here are the top 3 ways you can use to secure your eBook from information theft.

1. Prevent Readers from Copying Your Information:

When you create your eBook, make sure you disable the "Copy-Paste" option. This way, a reader won't be able to drag the mouse, select the written information, copy it and paste it into MS Word or other such document. This will assist you tremendously in reducing the chances of information theft. I have noticed that a lot of people don't do this. It is very risky to leave your information open for others to copy. So, always disable this option.

2. Prevent Readers from Printing Your Information:

It is yet another common mistake that eBook creators make. They allow their readers to print out the information. A lot of people argue that if you disable printing, this will irritate the readers as some people like to print out the information instead of reading it on the computer. Well, from experience, I disagree. The reason being, if your information is powerful and will help your readers learn something new, they won't mind it as they also know that the eBook writer took this step to prevent con-artists from stealing the information.

3. Lock the eBook if You Think Someone is Unnecessarily Asking for a Refund:

Unlike physical products, chances of getting defrauded increase of you sell information online. However, if you disable the eBooks of the customers who unnecessarily ask for a refund then you will be able to prevent fraudulent sales significantly. With the click of a mouse, your eBook will be locked and the reader won't be able to open it again, ever.

So, use these 3 tips to secure your eBook from information theft. People do buy information and if you have quality information in your possession, then write an eBook and start selling it online. But, don't forget to secure it.

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