Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some Important Facts About Background Check

If you are not sure about the person you are hiring for your office, home or the person you are dating, you can simply rely on the background check. Inquiring about any person can be done in an easy manner with online back ground check. This is mainly the background verify that you can do online.

Things that make back ground check important for an employer

* Liabilities on the employer- Hiring recklessly without proper check can entail many problem to the employer. If the employee is violent and hurts someone at the office premises then the employer is held liable according to law.

* False and superfluous information- Many employees in order to get their desired job tend to fake out experience from many companies or give their false residential information. In number of times they give their fake connections with reputed companies to fit into the criteria of the company.

* Federal and state law enforces many companies to execute the criminal background check where the child workers are involved. Such law is against the threat of child abuse and child abduction as many cases have recently transpired.

Things that are involved in instant back ground check

Instant background check contains every personal detail with proper accord of social security number. This can be done through numerous agencies which are specialized in unearthing the information that cannot be known simply. These checks involve:

* Credit records
* Education records
* Worker's record
* Medical record
* Bankruptcy
* Property ownership
* Driving records
* Sex offender list
* Criminal records
* Vehicle registration

Details that cannot be checked

The national standards set by federal fair credit reporting act (FCRA) for employee screening is restricted to the outside companies under FCRA. The background check report is called 'consumer report' and cannot disclose the following issues:

* Paid tax after seven years
* Accounts due for collection after seven year
* Bankruptcy after 10 years
* Civil suits and record of arrest after 7 years
* Any other disrepute information after 7 years

What information is confidential?

* Education records- In many states and countries, you cannot infiltrate any student's education background without his consent. Many schools are not permitted to disclose any sort of information regarding an adult-aged student without any permission from that student of his/her parent.

* Military services record- Services records are normally confidential and can be released in a certain circumstances only according to the federal privacy act.

* Medical records- Many countries restricts the release of your medical records. Even FCRA requires your permission to disclose any of your medical records.

With such provision, one can confirm his records and verification by such instant back ground check. Ensure the credibility of a person you are hiring in your office or at home with help of criminal background check.

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