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Who can avail the Facility of Reverse Phone Lookup?

In today''s advancing technology, there are many services that were earlier unknown, and are becoming popular now. One such service is the Reverse Phone Lookup. But what are its uses and what are its advantages? How can it be used?

Reverse Phone Lookup is looking up for the name, address, and other details of a person from his phone number. You can now know who is calling you, or if someone is harassing you through calls, then you can trace out that person. You can also search for your old friends with whom you have lost touch through this service. Earlier, if you had to find any information about a person, you needed his name and some other basic details. But now you can find out everything about him through this service.

This specialized service is very useful in those numbers that are not listed in the official phonebooks or the white pages. To avail this specialized service you have to purchase access to the service provider. The service provider in turn purchases the data from the subscriber databases of the various phone companies and the mobile operators. The provider then combines all the data that it receives from all the above stated numerous Sources of the information, and hence are in the position to provide to the user with the capability to explore through the huge database that contains almost all the phone numbers of USA. The database consists of all the landline numbers, the private numbers, the unlisted numbers, and also the cell-phone numbers.

The Reverse Phone Lookup Services have to sign agreements with all the phone companies, and are bound by them that prohibit the service provider from providing the information free of charge, basically to prevent stalking and misuse of the facility and also for the privacy reasons. Hence, to avail the service, the user has to pay through valid credit cards or PayPal accounts. But, if you are not in the mood to use the paid service, don''t be despair, as there are some alternatives to this. Though you may not get complete information, you would atleast be able to get the basic details of the owner of the phone number. You have the option of searching for the number in the publically available phonebooks, white-pages or use the services of the search engines like the Google or Yahoo. But if the number you are looking for is an unlisted number then your search would be fruitless as the unlisted numbers are not available publically.

Now the question arises as how to use the Reverse Phone Lookup?

It is very easy to use the service. You just have to type in the phone number you are searching for in their online form. Each service provider provides some basic information like, whether the number you are searching for is a landline number or cellular, where is the number registered (the city and the state), and also if the provider has any additional details about the number. But remember, that you can get the details of the name of the phone owners only when you are a paid subscriber. The Reverse Phone Lookup service is a completely legal service and the details are admissible in the courts, but remember that you cannot use the service for unlawful activities or telemarketing.
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