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Common DUI Penalties

In Tennessee driving under the influence has become a very common reason for which people gets arrested. It is such an offense that people don't commit willingly. Still it has become one of the most known reasons for court appearance. If someone is convicted for driving under the influence he or she can expect many common DUI penalties.
Most of the penalties are not handed down by the judge. Many of the DUI penalties are written into Tennessee law. The person who arrests you can also act according to the law. If you drive frequently you must be aware of the consequences, driving under the influence can lead to.
Being caught for the first time can result in fine. First-time DUIs can also lead to license suspension. In most cases your license will be taken away when you are arrested by the officer. You will have to pay thousands of dollars as fine. A huge amount will be charged for giving back your license. Many states also have jail sentences for the first-time conviction. However for the first time you are going to be out on probation which is undoubtedly better than jail time. Harsher fines are there for people who repeat the offense. Repeat offenders can expect higher fines, jail times and longer license suspension. If you make the same mistake again and again you may loose your driving license for such careless acts.
Besides the levied fines there are other financial DUI penalties. These financial penalties not even include the fees that you need to pay in order to get back your license. When you get the license back you will have to reinstate your insurance and the sad news is that you can notice a high increase in your premiums. For example the amount can increase from $100 to $500 per month depending upon the policy of your insurance company. Other things that will be consider is the state you live in as well as the number of DUI charges filed against you. Some of the insurance company may even think of absolutely dropping your coverage. In that case you will have to find out an insurance company that offers coverage for high-risk drivers but it will charge high premiums. Now let's come to another point which is equally serious but often overlooked by drunk drivers. Most of the employers prefer to do a background check of the employees. If record shows that you have several DUI penalties there us no way your employer is going to be pleased. This reduces your chance of being hired. If you are working somewhere you will hardly be able to carry out the usual duties without the license. Finally if your job needs driving your company may fire you.
DUI Penalties in Tennessee is quite strict and the worst thing is that it can have negative influences on your personal life. You will no longer have the right to visit the bars or pubs at night. You can't take your kids out without a driver. If you are a divorcee your ex-wife may take you to the court and reduce or even remove your parental rights. So the best thing to do is to avoid driving under the influence.

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  1. thanks for this useful information.
    If anybody arrested for DUI, you need to remember as much as possible about the facts surrounding your arrest. If possible, take notes about important facts, including time of stop, time of any chemical tests, weather conditions, what you said to the officers, names of any witnesses to the DUI and from your drinking that night.

    Best thing to keep away from all these penalties is to avoid driving under the influence.


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