Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reasons For Needing an Attorney

Most people at some point in the course of their lives need legal counsel. Whether it is for a friend, for a "friend", or for a family member it is a sad reality that most people have to hire a lawyer at some point. There are various reasons for needing legal help and various workers in the legal industry to help with those specific needs, for example a foreclosure defense or an OVI attorney. Sometimes people who need legal advice have not even committed a crime and just need somebody to look at a contract or other type of agreement, but often times the consumers in the legal world are alleged criminals, and there are various crimes that they may or may not have committed. For those who are unaware, there are two different groups of crimes.

The first type of crime that can be committed is a misdemeanor. Misdemeanors are less serious crimes and can often times be settled with a simple fine. One example of this type is a traffic violation, which generally just results in a small fine payable to the county. However, some misdemeanors are more serious and require time in jail, as opposed to prison which is only for the other variety of crime. Another misdemeanor is assault, which can end up leading to jail time if serious enough. People who are first time misdemeanor offenders often get away with just being on probation, meaning they have to report to a court specialist who reports back to the courts on their behavior to make sure they aren't falling into old habits.

The second type of crime is called a felony, and felony crimes are far more serious. There is no settling of a felony with just a fine paid to the county. Felonies typically come with a jail sentence if the accused is proven to be guilty in a court of law. However, even felonies can be settled out of court with bargaining between the defense attorney and the prosecution. One example of a felony is robbery, which is defined as the taking of property from a person by way of force or intimidation. Many times tax evasion is also charged as a felony, although that depends heavily on the interpretation of whether or not the evasion of paying taxes was intentional.

Finally, some people need legal advice simply because they are going through something that involves a contract. Some things that are written into provisional versions of contracts are illegal and it would be up to a contract lawyer to give their client advice on what is and is not legally binding so that their client gets a fair deal and is not cheated, intentionally or unintentionally. Many times talent agents that work with actors, athletes or models have law degrees and specialize in contract law and look after their clients to make sure they are not exploited.

There are many types of legal trouble one can get into or types of legal issues one might need advice on. Without as many types of lawyers as there are in the world it would be much harder for everything to be fair and legally sound.

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