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Discover the Most Comprehensive Alaskan Background Check Available!

Alaska Fun Facts - Population 2009: 686,293.

In a state that is dark two months out of the year in some areas, an Alaska background check can help ensure your healthy survival. After all Alaska has above average rates of violent crime, which include one of the worst national rates for aggravated assault, and the worse rate of any state in the union for violent rape. Statistics show that most victims of violent crime know their attacker.

A criminal background check on someone giving you a bad vibe might just keep you alive. Knowing how to go about doing a criminal background check can be confusing. There are many available options, including the one offered by Alaska's Criminal Records & Identification Bureau (R&I). I will guide you through the available options and give you some tips that will reveal how you can get the best service available.

In Alaska, the Criminal Records and Identification Bureau of The Department of Public Safety maintains a central repository of Alaska Criminal Justice Information. Information may be obtained by submitting a request either based on a name search, which will set you back $20, or fingerprints submitted for comparison, which is $35.

Individuals do not have the option of submitting a request online. It will have to be printed, filled out by hand, and submitted by snail-mail. As with many states, you are permitted to use Alaska's background check service to view your own record, but if you wish to view someone else's, you have to obtain their permission so of course their signature will have to be on the form you submit to the Alaska Department of Public Safety.

Name based searches are exact match only, meaning that if you get the name wrong, you will have to resubmit your search. Of course, you'll be out another $20 and the time it takes for the mail to run to Alaska. Naturally, a fingerprint based search might be a solution to this problem...If you are an employer wanting to screen an employee. However, if you are an individual concerned for your safety or that of your family, then this is quite obviously out of the question, or at least in most situations.

The answer I have for you is to run an online background check. Running an Alaska background check through a reputable and well established online service is a convenient and cost effective solution to your needs. You can search for records on anyone you want, and you will get a comprehensive history of the person.

Running a name search will give you preliminary results with enough details for you to identify your subject most of the time. If the name does not appear in the results-simple, you don't pay. If you find the name you are looking for, you can be assured that your search is anonymous as there are no forms to fill out or fingerprints to submit.

When you do an online search, you have the option to include a national search, something totally missing from the state's background check option. With the mobility of today's population, and it seems especially criminals looking to escape a dirty past, it seems almost foolhardy to ignore the possibility that your subject may have a record in another state.

Online services can certainly be a lifesaver. However, you need to be aware that over 98% suffer from incomplete data and high error margins. There are a select few that research has proven to work, and that you can depend on for accurate results. These accurate results are what you need to make eyes-open decisions on which people you can trust. You cannot afford the risk that someone you let into your life could end up destroying it. Alaska background checks from the state have their place, especially if you are a business, but will not work for private individuals. Your solution is one of the handful of dependable online services.

Don't risk the safety and well being of your business and family to a dangerously flawed background check where 40% error margins are a rampant problem at most online services. Get my free report and discover the most comprehensive online background check services available...Answers to your most commonly asked questions...Plus insider tips on how to get up to 40% discounts. Get your free report and online background check tips and tricks at

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