Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to Find a Workman's Compensation Doctor

How to select a workman's compensation doctor

If you've been hurt on the job you no doubt have a lot of questions. Who do I tell about this? Will I get paid while off the job? When can I work again? And what doctor should I go to for this work related injury?

Here are some steps to take when injured on the job:

* When injured it is best to start the process of finding a doctor as soon as possible. This is because most companies put a ninety day cap on when you can file a claim after the injury. Contact your company's Human Resources department and fill out a "First Report of Injury" form to give to your immediate supervisor.
* Next, ask for a list of pre-approved physicians specifically chosen for on the job injuries. The Office of Worker's Compensation Programs will usually have a list of doctors you can search by zip code. Then choose a doctor that works under the OWCP. It is your right to select any doctor on the ADL or approved doctor's list.
* Sometimes people like to use their own physician. After the first ninety period you are eligible to use your own physician.
* It is your employer's objective to maintain a record of your injuries, notify you of your rights, and monitor the time you have lost because of your work related injury.
* You will also need to fill out a "Request for Paid Leave Form" and submit it to the HR department of your company if you need to take time off work because of your injury.
* Rest up and get well!
* Finally, when you feel you are ready to return to your job, you will need to again visit your workman's' compensation doctor to fill out a Work Status Report before you may return to work safely.

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