Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obtaining an Eb5 Investment Visa at a California Regional Center

If you have decided to use the eb5 visa to enter the United States from your home country, your next step is to decide where to open your business. If you are just using the typical path to an investment visa, you can select any area in the country. However, if you do not want to manage your business everyday, a Regional Center in a Targeted Employment area is best for you, in which you have about 50 areas to choose from.

Many immigrants select the sunny state of California. Considering that its economy is somewhat extensive and stable, this is not surprising. It seems nearly any business can thrive in the large state, and there are several Regional Centers to choose from. One is the California Military Base, or CMB, which is centered on six military bases that are now closed. The geographic location is in both Southern California and the County of Sacramento.

There are many benefits to going with CMB when you obtain your investment visa. This particular location combines the money put in from investors like you with both private funds and government money. The result is the creation of more than ten jobs, and you do not have to be directly involved in the hiring process. Ensuring you fulfill this requirement is paramount in the investment visa procedure, so this should be an important consideration.

This location also tries to ensure that you will see a return on investment. There is a four percent cap on business expenses, which means that you will not have to put a lot of money into business operations. This is especially positive if the business does not do particularly well for some reason, as you will not lose much money from day-to-day expenses. Another safeguard in the investment visa process through CMB is the existence of an escrow account in which your investment funds are placed until the petition gets approved. No one else has access to your money, so if you are denied an eb5 visa, you will get your $500,000 back.

The CMB location has been approved by the USCIS, which means it has full government support. The two entities work together to ensure that you get approved fast and can open a company with minimal risk or daily involvement. Proving the creation of at least ten full-time jobs is particularly easy at CMB, as this location has consistent contact with the government, which in turn facilitates progress toward an eb5 visa for you.

Lastly, the location of CMB is prime. California is known for its great weather and multitude of things to do. You may choose to open your company through CMB, in which case it will be less than just a couple hours from the beach. Furthermore, if your business does particularly well, you might choose to live within walking distance to the beach. The ability to let the Regional Center handle your company's daily operations will certainly offer you time to just enjoy life, which is easy to do in sunny California.

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