Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Auto Accidents in the US Attributed Mostly to Negligent Drivers - How to Prevent These Tragedies

When you consider the fact that most auto accidents are attributable to the negligence of somebody, would it shock you to learn that about 110 people per day nationwide are killed on our roadways? This number does not even count the much higher amount of people who suffer severe and debilitating injuries as a result of auto accidents that occur every single day throughout our nation. What must be done to limit these tragedies?

If people understood that by being negligent on the road, they were not just risking some general feeling of "guilt" by taking the life of an innocent person, but that they had their own financial interest at stake, perhaps we could minimize the number of tragedies that happen every single day. Whatever can be done to reduce the amount of negligence and recklessness on our roadways must be done. Victims that bring Arizona personal injury lawsuits do not only benefit themselves, but in some way they probably deter even further severe injuries from happening.

Imagine a woman with three children who loses her husband in a car wreck because another driver ran a red light. What if the three children happen to be in the vehicle as well? If they are fortunate enough to survive the crash, they are likely to face severe injuries that would require recovery from trauma, an undetermined amount of treatment, and unpredictable life-changing obstacles. For those who think that these kinds of injuries are temporary, consider the high possibility that families who have lost a family member, especially a mother or a father, may need to move to a different city or state to make ends meet. A family that loses a parent must accept a day to day life that is far different than the one they lived before.

In cases such as these, those filing a claim can also seek compensation from the automobile manufacturer if a defective seatbelt happens to be the cause of the death in addition to the negligent driver. This type of claim is sought after to bring justice to a family, expose neglect, and deter future bad or careless behavior. We trust that auto manufacturers address and fix any safety flaws they discover and it is tragic when they fail to do their job. Odd as it may sound, sometimes the more lawsuits that expose dangerous and defective conditions, the more lives that may be saved. If someone knows that they are selling a dangerous product, yet continue to do so in the search for higher profits, a successful lawsuit serves as a deterrent and increases the chances that the product will be fixed to save lives of people involved in future car accidents.

We understand that there is a lot of criticism directed toward personal injury attorneys in Arizona. Many people think that car accident lawsuits are all a scam. If you consider the statistics of how many people are dying each day in Arizona automobile accidents, and that many of these lives would have been spared had the negligent driver been paying attention, it may help people realize that these lawsuits may decrease the number of accidents. It is important for personal injury lawyers to continue to educate Phoenix drivers. The more drivers that understand that they could face personal financial responsibility if they engage in reckless driving, the greater the likelihood we may decrease the number of fatal injuries in Arizona and around the country.

In short, it is our belief that our clients and our work as Phoenix injury attorneys is not only benefiting our client, but also helping deter other severe injuries on our roadways. If you have any questions regarding a wrongful death or personal injury car accident, please contact Breyer Law Offices, P.C., by calling 602-978-6400.

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