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A Guide to Washington State Speeding Laws

The maximum speeding limit is set by the State governments and Washington State Speeding Laws have been made to assure the application of that limit. Hence the speeding limit varies according to the Washington State Speeding Laws. There is a default speed limit called "statutory speed limit".

There are possible chances for the government to increase the speed limit without any notice.Traffic Law allows raising the speed limit up to a legislatively-set maximum as 60 to 70 on the state highway.

Reckless driving denotes over speeding by exceeding the maximum limit set by the State government in the Washington State Speeding Laws. If the police men find an extremely reckless driver, then according to the traffic law, he/she can be issued with a Traffic Ticket. The driver can even be imprisoned for up to one year or fined for more than $5000 under traffic law. Drivers involved in driving without a valid license are charged with a Washington State traffic ticket. These drivers are even held and the court features that a violation of this section is a lesser included offense within the offenses described in RCW 46.20.342(1).

According to Speeding Laws there are different types of speed limits such as absolute, Prima Facie and Mixed. Absolute speeding means exceeding the speed limit is illegal irrespective of whether it is safe driving or not. Washington is one such state following this rule. It is unlawful for any person to operate his vehicle to embrace another person preventing the free and unhampered operation of the vehicle. It comes under the prima facie speed evidence of reckless driving.

The speed limits according to the Washington State traffic law is
• 25 miles per hour on city roads;
• 50 miles per hour on country roads;
• 60 miles per hour on state highways;

Traffic Ticket is issued for strict violation and is considered a serious offense all over the state. The actions which can lead to the issuing of Washington State traffic ticket include:
• Speeding
• Failure to use turn signals
• Turning into the wrong lane
• Parking in a handicap spot without the required sticker, and
• Overdue parking meters.

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