Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Procedure To Follow When Filing A Renters Insurance Claim

Knowing exactly what to do and when to do it when filing a renters insurance claim might sound like common sense but if the situation arises, you will need to know what steps to take in order to file a successful renters insurance claim. Renters insurance is something that not all renters have but is something that all renters should have. Those who do have it will want to get the most out of it if they ever have to file a renters insurance claim.

If you do not already have renters insurance then go online today to compare renters insurance quotes. Comparing prices from a variety of insurance companies offering renters insurance will ensure you the best policy at the most reasonable price.

Here are five pointers on what to do in order to successfully file a renters insurance claim:

I. Act right away – Get in touch directly with your renters insurance agent immediately after contacting the police if your residence is damaged or burglarized or after calling 911 if there was a medical emergency.

II. Record the damages – If you plan on filing a claim for your contents then take picture or video documentation of the loss or damage as proof to show your insurance company. This will make the renters insurance claim process go much more smoothly.

III. Prevent further damage – If you do not take the steps in preventing any further damage in a reasonable way then your insurance company could deny your claim or cancel your coverage.

IV. Be cooperative – Each insurance company has a different protocol for filing a claim. When talking to your insurance agent make sure you ask about what you have to do to file a successful claim. Make it clear that you want to work with, and not against them.

V. Save receipts – This is a good idea for your larger ticket items so you are properly reimbursed for them. You also want to keep the receipts for any external living expenses such as hotel and restaurant bills that should be covered in your renters insurance policy.

Filing A Successful Renters Insurance Claim

Know your policy and be involved in the writing of your policy so there are no surprises if you ever have to file your renters insurance claim. Talk to a renters insurance agent about policies and rates so you can get covered today and know what to do in order to file a successful renters insurance claim in the future.

Tom Lustina
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