Monday, April 6, 2009

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Prior to selecting a personal injury attorney, you need to pose 5 important questions:

1. Is there enough to warrant legal action?

This is the first thing to ask a prospective personal injury attorney. You may have a case if your rights were violated by someone or a group. After asking this question, your personal injury lawyer will examine the specifics of your claim and decide what laws pertain to it.

2. Is my legal case a powerful one?

Although you might have legal grounds, if the odds of victory are slim, it might not reward pursuit in court. Frequently, individuals will elect to pursue their legal suit even with slim odds, simply to seek revenge. However, you should ask yourself whether the stress will be justified. Will it be worth it if you lose the case?

3. What kind of award will I receive compared to the counter-claim that will result?

While it is possible to file a claim and be compensated, you should be prepared to be counter-sued. It is typical for respondents to react to lawsuits by counter-claiming for an award. Conversely, when you have a powerful case, then it might not warrant making a counter claim.

4. What kind of award can I anticipate receiving?

Although you might be victorious in court, if the award is minimal, it may not compensate you enough. Legal cases can take a lot of time and sometimes aren't worth the expense for the size of the award.

5. What are the fees involved?

Besides the initial fee to take the case, your personal injury attorney will assess legal fees based on the merits of your claim. An attorney might charge a percentage of the settlement for a victory in court, or a set figure out of the total award that has been agreed on.

Personal injury attorneys have different viewpoints and compensation plans in terms of these 5 questions, thus you need to do some research. You should consult with 3 separate attorneys since the majority of them offer a complimentary first visit. Having done this, pick the one you think is the best match for you.

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