Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Free Websites for Lawyers and Attorneys Have Been Announced by

Attorneys and lawyers across the country are paying big dollars for template-based websites and are many times dissatisfied with the look, feel, and service that they receive for the amount of money that they are paying. Free websites for lawyers and attorneys have been announced by in order to give lawyers and attorneys and alternative when it comes to building a law firm website. An attorney does not always need to go with a big name lawyer website provider in order to get the results that they seek. In fact, attorneys can find custom websites online that give their clients that first impression of class and professionalism.

Free websites for lawyers can enable a lawyer that is just starting out to convey the same image as a firm that has been around for 100 years. The announcement of free web sites for attorneys comes as welcomed news to those attorneys that would like to have a custom look and feel to their website but do not have the budget at this time to invest big dollars in a large web design firm. Custom websites that are built from the ground up for each specific lawyer and attorney will ensure that clients will have a positive experience as they perform their due diligence on the web previous to setting up an appointment with the lawyer in question. Clients that are in need of a lawyer to mediate and represent them on their specific issue will place a great deal of time and effort into gaining a relationship of trust with that lawyer without ever meeting them. That is the power of the Internet. It will be imperative that lawyers portray themselves in a positive light and give the client confidence in them in order to motivate the client to call their office and set up an appointment.

A law firm website should be visually appealing in order to keep those that visit their website from immediately leaving their website. Once this is accomplished, a lawyer can take the money that he or she may have spent on the development of a custom website and spend it on search engine optimization or search engine marketing in their local geographic region of practice. The introduction and announcement of free websites for lawyers and attorneys gives new and existing attorneys the ability to spend more money on marketing and generating leads, than on developing their law firm website. invests a great deal of time and effort into building a free custom website so that a law firm can do just that. is a privately held company that specialized in building and optimizing law firm websites and can be contacted at 1.877.503.7657.

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Source: SFGate

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