Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lawyers feud over $2m

Lawyers are fighting over legal settlements and fees involving the fatal Big Dig tunnel collapse and the Clark Rockefeller kidnapping case.

High-profile lawyer Jeffrey Denner has been sued by a former colleague who claims he’s owed at least $1.75 million for rounding up a number of clients for their Boston firm.

Timothy J. Bradl, who worked as an attorney at Denner’s firm for nearly four years, said in his lawsuilt, filed in Suffolk Superior Court, that Denner and other partners failed to pay him as stipulated in his contract with Denner Pellegrino LLP.

A former Suffolk County assistant district attorney, Bradl claims in his suit that it was his contacts that brought the 2006 Big Dig tragedy to the high-profile firm, after Milena Del Valle was killed by a ceiling collapse within a tunnel.

“Despite his origination of the ceiling collapse case for the firm, which was specifically acknowledged by attorney Denner on various occasions, attorney Bradl was frozen out of the handling of this case and was not provided information about its status,” the lawsuit says.

The wrongful-death case was settled for $28.1 million, split among a number of plaintiffs and attorneys. Denner represented Angel Del Valle, the victim’s husband.

Bradl, who could not be reached for comment, also claimed in the lawsuit that he helped to lure the 2008 Clark Rockefeller case to the firm - which represented the mysterious German father and aristocrat imposter who briefly kidnapped his own daughter.

In an interview, Denner denied his firm owes any money to Bradl - and, if anything, Bradl owes the firm funds due to “advanced money” allegedly paid to him.

“This is a frivolous lawsuit,” said Denner.

He said that it’s “absolutely untrue” Bradl brought the Big Dig case to his firm. Denner said Bradl was properly paid for all of his work.

By Jay Fitzgerald

Source: BostonHerald.com

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