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Harm Inflicted in a Dog Bite Accident

Today, millions of people have dogs for pets due to reasons such as the fact that it can provide security to its owner, and it can be fun to play with, among others. However, having dogs can also put its owners as well as other people in the vicinity at the risk of getting hurt in dog attacks. People, specifically children and the elderly, can get injured or killed when a dog bite accident occurs.

Although dogs can be appealing to humans, they still possess animal instincts or characteristics that can put people in jeopardy when a dog's aggression is triggered in certain situations and cause an attack.

Prevalence of Dog Bite Accidents

The 2007-2008 National Pet Survey revealed that there are around 74.8 million dogs in the United States at present. Due to the large number of dogs that can be found all over the country, people today are at a greater risk 0f being victims of different dog bite accidents.

Further according to statistics, around 4.5 million people are bitten by different kinds of dogs annually in the country. Out of the total number of people who are bitten by dogs each year, 800,000 of them seek medical treatment for the injury that they sustained.

Victims of Dog Bite Accident

Out of all the people who encounter or have contact with dogs, children and males are statistically more often the identified victims in a dog bite accident.

This kind of incident can produce devastating results on the part of the person who has been bitten. People who are bitten by dogs can sustain and suffer from disfigurement, muscle tears, and lacerations, among others. They are also at risk for contracting rabies from the bites if the dog is not vaccinated.

There are also instances wherein dog bite accidents and attacks can result to a person's death. Statistics show that around 15 to 25 people die annually as a result of their dog bite accident injury.

There are different breed of dogs that can inflict harm on humans but noticeably, half of the cases pertaining to dog bite accidents involve Rotweillers or pitbulls.

Avoiding Dog Bite Accidents

Dog bite accidents can cause both physical and financial problems to the persons involved in it. To avoid being hurt or getting bitten by a dog, there are some precautionary measures that should always be done and remembered.

As mentioned earlier, children are usual victims in dog bite attacks. In order for them to be safe from this kind of danger, parents should always make sure that their children are given proper guidance and care.

There are different things that parent must teach their children in order for them not to become victims in such incidents. Here are some reminders in avoiding dog attacks that parents can teach children:

* Do not have an interaction with a dog that is play fighting with another dog.

* Do not stare at a dog in its eye.

* Do not approach a dog that is currently eating or drinking.

* Do not forcefully take away something from a dog.

* Do not wake up dogs that are sleeping.

Professional Help for Dog Bite Accident Victims

If you or someone you know sustained and suffered an injury due to a dog bite accident that occurred due to another's negligence or fault, it is advisable that you ask the professional help of an attorney. A personal injury attorney will help you gather the pieces of evidence that are needed in order to prove that you are the victim in the dog bite accident.

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