Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dual Citizenship and an Alternative Passport - Applying For and Securing Your Freedom of Mobility

Applying for dual citizenship is an essential step to freedom for the person or family that values international freedom more than the illusion of temporary comfort. It is for the person or family that refuses to be trapped in a country that has lost the founding freedom and greatness it once had and assures you freedom of mobility in case an event of catastrophic proportions causes a violent change in the present system. You need to be able to flee if this happens with your alternative passport.

Applying for and obtaining dual citizenship gives a person or family freedom insurance in a time of social and financial upheavel brought on by terrorism and the stupidity of a spendaholic government whose currency is being trashed on the world markets. Do you realize that you do not own your passport? It is the property of your government and if they decide to keep their citizens trapped inside by means of martial law then you need to have second citizenship and an alternative passport to escape and insure your international freedom.

Applying for dual citizenship is also the gateway to obtaining a second foreign passport. This document proves your second nationality and is the ticket to freedom that you need in order to leave a country which is restricting the freedom of its own citizens. Without a second alternative passport you have no way to easily prove your dual nationality to the customs officials and border guards that you may meet during your hasty departure out of a crumbling world.

Moreover, if you have a portable business such as an internet business then applying for and obtaining dual citizenship gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be able to maintain your personal sovereignty through the freedom of international living. Through the use of your alternative second passport you will be able to work your internet business on the beaches of the world and not worry about your home country cancelling your first national passport and forcing you back home.

Futhermore, if you have assets in your home country that you want to protect then applying for and having dual citizenship will allow you to unrestrictedly open up bank and investment accounts in safe countries of the world where you can hold your gold, stocks, and money safely away from those who will want to take it from you while the financial system crashes. You need to keep your money in safe currencies like the Swiss Franc and in other currencies which maintain the purchasing power of your money. The ATM card you get will allow you to draw out the money wherever you are in the world.

James Bauman Ph.D. has been involved with the offshore world, banking, and asset protection for about 12 years now. During that time he has gained an education in the offshore world and has found the best lawyers and facilitators for dual citizenship leading to alternative passports. He has founded the business Freedom Offshore Services. We can introduce you to about six different dual citizenship sources that will NOT COST YOU your life savings. We have several competitors who charge up to ten times what you pay through us and our facilitators or lawyers. We do not sell dual citizenships or alternative passports but provide an introduction to the best and lowest priced ones available. That way you can apply for dual citizenship and get an alternative passport with the lawyer or facilitator that handles the country that is right for you. We hope to serve you not only in a way that helps you with a cheap second passport, but by giving you quality service also. May your experience in the world of offshore banking, asset protection, and dual citizenships always be a pleasant one with our help.

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